Completely confused, dont know how to proceed?

Hi, so am dating a girl since a month and she looks interested in me. Twist is,
1) 6 months back she came out of a 6+ years relationship
2) After that she had a crush on someone, who came out to be a liar to her (some other woman problem).


1) Everyday she sends me a morning message. I dont know how to take it, but I think its a positive
2) She is ready to go on more dates
3) We both pay whenever we go out. She doesn't want me to pay always.
4) Whenever I ask her to meet, she always checks her schedule and meet me. Since a month, we are meeting every week for 4-5 hours.
5) We both have busy life but still we text each other properly. Not too much not too less.
6) She says she loves my company.
7) I requested if she can stop dating other guys (if she is) and stop communicating with her ex's? She said Yes to me.

1) She wants me to go slow, no rush ( I dont know if its -ve). she wants to first enjoy (test) my company and she is badly hurt because of earlier issues.
2) Am worried if am a rebound.
3) She wants to begin as friend. She right now treats me as her dear friend.
4) She said no to kiss me on our 2nd date. And on our 5th date, by her permission, I kissed her on her neck from back, to feel little romantic, but later she texted, it was uncomfortable...:-(
5) We both get mad when the me or she doesn't text on time.

So, what to do? I am in love with this girl but its just a month. So, how should I proceed? For our next dates, what should I do? Shall I try to be more protective, romantic, or try to be funny. Is she playing with me, am I a rebound? etc etc.. please give me some opinion, I want to have a successful relationship with this girl.
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  • Usually when people are on a rebound they rush into a realationship. She obviously is still healing from her past so she needs time to heal. She does seem to like you , and I don't think she is playing you. She is probably being over cautious because she doesn't want to get hurt.

    If you want to be with her , it seems like you are going to have to just accept the relationship on her terms... for now. Just be patient and enjoy the relationship as it is right now , and see how things develop. Trust needs to be earned , so I guess she needs to know you more until she can trust you with her heart

    Personally, I wouldn't reserve a place in my heart, because I would never give my heart to someone who is still picking up the pieces of their own.

    • I really agree with you. I was thinking exactly this. Trust is missing too.
      In reference to your last 2 lines, in simple language, what you would have done, stay or move on?

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    • You're in Anon 😊

    • yup, its funny.
      I just wanted to avoid long conversations on this. But its fine. Thank you

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  • I think she wants to move slow because she doesn't WANT you to be the rebound.

    If you really care about her, be patient.
    Take it slowly, at her pace. Try to understand what she's gone through and empathize.

    Also, it is almost always a better relationship when you can consider each other best friends AND loves. So starting off as really good friends isn't a bad call. It makes you care more emotionally.

    • Thank you Mekkalyn, your comment really gives me a great direction. I will try my best to be patient and understand her feelings & pain more. I will also try not to attach much to her at this point but still keeping her happy as her dear friend will be my priority.

  • You're the rebound.

    • please can you elaborate little, how am a rebound?

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    • Your explanation :)

    • I respect your answer but she is not resolving any issues from her previous relationship with me. She has always focused on one thing, that is, being slow. Be friends initially, feel each others company, get comfortable and then get committed.

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