Could you date someone who was not a music lover?

Are you such a music lover that you get "ASMR"/Frisson from melodies and chords so much so that it is a part of your soul? Have you dated someone who couldn't talk music with you to the point you felt it could never work out?
Waking up with someone late on a Saturday with a playlist echoing in the background while you both prepare for the day ahead can only lift you up and make you feel alive is something I long for for the rest of my days. The pure frisson I get from classical to shoegaze to The Beatles, Queen and Tool/APC and all the beautiful melodies of genres in between can make such a difference in a mood and outlook for me.
Can you relate? Or maybe I'm a dreamer.


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  • It will be boring, i mean who doesn't love music? The first thing i want to know aout a girl is her taste of music lol

    • I've met quite a few people who aren't into music which I can't understand because it is a pleasure in life. I too also care to know about a persons music tastes particularly if I'm interested in dating them. But I'll talk music with anyone, really

    • Exactly, you can also use it to break the ice u know

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  • As long as she doesn't mind me listening to music around her once in a while, it doesn't bother me. It is certainly better than being with a girl that loves a type of music I hate, but who wants to listen to it all the time.


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