Marijuana and military?

I've been seeing a guy in the military, he does not know about my canabis use. Given its still very early, and as of now I don't feel a need to tell him. But I'm wondering when I do how much of an issue it will be?


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  • In my experience most people in the military don't really care about the issue of marijuana. They obviously can't touch it themselves, but he could technically still get into some shit if you had it around him.
    He's probably not going to give some blowhard lecture against marijuana use if you tell him about it, but he might ask you not to do it around him.

    • What he said. Although we did have to take a piss test in Iraq because someone was smoking in the port-O-shitters.

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    • "Health and comfort" they call it. "Porn and booze theft" is what it is.

    • @SmoMan
      Yeah don't be surprised if you find the confiscated "contraband" in your NCO's desk the next day

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  • Just dont smoke it and you dont have a problem now do you?


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