How to know if you are ready for a relationship?

Hey, I'm 21 years old and never dated someone. There's a girl in my nutrition class that I'm highly attracted to, and want to ask out but due to being shy it is hard to do so.

So I want to ask her out, but first of all I'd like to know how should I know if I feel ready for building a relationship with her.

What do we need in order to build a long lasting and succesful relationship?
I don't want to enter a relationship that might not go well.

Thank you for your help ! :)


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  • You have to be sure of her feelings first, get to know each other. And most importantly you'll need to trust each other. You're relationship will definitely last with that.

    • Thank you for your reply ! :)

      There's a girl I'm attracted to, I really want to ask her out. It is the first time I feel this way, so if I had to take a risk it will be to ask her out so I wanted to know if I have everything set for a relationship if she says yes. Keep in mind that I've never dated before so it is really hard to do the move. ;)

    • My boyfriend is the only guy I dated and we are going great, its been around 2 years. Like I said get to know her first and be sure of her feelings so that you dont end up having a heart break.
      Best of luck by the way.

    • I'm glad to hear that it worked well for you ! :)

      Thank you for your support :)

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