If a guy drives a long to see you can it mean anything?

My guy friend and I both live in different areas and so we only see each other a few of times a year.

We aren't extremely close friends, but he always makes a big effort to catch up when we are in the same place.

He texted me the other night saying that he will be travelling to a city that is a few hours away from where I live because he's got a sports competition on there. He said that on the way back he might take a detour out to where I live. It is over a three hour drive out to where I live. The town I live in is a small country town and it's not exactly exciting out here, so I was very surprised that he would want to travel out.

Is this normal behaviour or could it mean he may be interested?


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  • He likes u and enjoys your company

  • Boredom and senseless time wasting most likely.


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