Should I confront her?

This girl I like and I are studying together. I asked her out but she told me she likes this other guy she has not chance with.
We are friends with her, I still like her, but it seem I have no chance with her in this state.
Should I confront her about trying to get the impossible or just let go?


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  • Just wait. You already threw your feelings out there but she's more interested in someone else. Best not to push the issue.

    • OK, so just let her deal with it herself? Tho the rguy will move in a month

    • Yeah, just let her deal with her crush. If he moves and nothing is established nothing may happen between them though, but it's still best to wait.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Let it go or you will come off as a major douche. She'll figure it out in time.


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  • Confrontations about "love" and shit like that NEVER go well... EVER.

    Don't fucking do it bro. Let it go.


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