How long is it before you write someone off to the friend zone?

When I'm lucky enough to meet a girl I like, I spend time getting to know her before considering asking her out. I now realize that even if I get to know her first, it doesn't improve the outcome. It's probably best to keep that to a minimum and just ask her out. So how long does a guy have before he's in the friend zone? Assuming a girl is interested in him.

Poll and opinions please :)

Somewhat relevant story / example:

My cute, single coworker was all flirty with me one week. Next week she cooled off. Then she went to a sports game one weekend, hooked up with a guy there, and the next week she was telling people she had a boyfriend. Guess she might have been really desperate. I was surprised at first, but then I remembered that a lot of girls are impulsive.
  • 10 minutes or less.
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  • A couple hours to one day.
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  • One week.
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  • A couple weeks to a month.
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  • A couple months.
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  • Unlimited time if she REALLY likes him.
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  • Some girls said a couple hours or less which can be kind of silly since you don't really know a person in that time... However, I feel like girls have a really good since of what has the potential to work out and what doesn't very quickly. It especially depends on the guys behavior at the beginning. You can't be all friendly with no flirt or you will get friend zoned. That doesn't mean you go off and act like a player. It's subtle cues and smiles that girls pick up on.

    • Thank you, I guess I need to develop my flirting game ;) Typically I'm all friendly, which either weirds girls out or they give me the friend label (which makes sense now).

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  • Doesn't take me very long. Like initial impression will decide.


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