Is he into me, or are we just really good friends?

I messaged a guy about a month ago on a dating site and we hit it off really well since then. We were talking a lot on the site and he eventually asked for my Instagram and we added each other.

A few days later he said he thought I was hot and I told him he was, too. I asked him for his Facebook and we ended up exchanging each others social media names. Since then, we have been talking just about every day of FB chat, even if it's about nothing

The thing is, this guy lives in Australia and his time frame is a day ahead of US plus my day is his night and vice versa. I feel like he's interested, but we haven't made attempts to video chat or talked about it, but I want to make sure he's actually interested before trying to take the next step, so I'm asking for opinions. What should I do from here?


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  • If his day is your night then obviously his night is your day. If he has changed his sleep habits to stay up and chat with you , but is his interest at the level your hoping / expecting is hard to say. I would suggest letting it ride a little longer and the answer may in fact reveal its self

    • I feel like we both adjusted our time to message each other based on feeling out when we are both on to respond faster, but hell message me when I'm sleeping and I do the same to him

    • You could slip into chat and see it he has ever video chatted before , and see where it goes from there

    • Thank you

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  • He does seem interested , he will probably be interested in many other girls. You met him on a dating website , so he will keep his options open. He will be interested in chatting etc with you , but you won't be exclusive.

    When two people live in a different country from each other it is difficult to keep the friendship going... twice as difficult when you are in different
    time zones. It isn't impossible , just a lot more effort needs to put in by both people.

    The only way to find out if he is interested in a video chat... is to suggest it to him. His response or lack of response will let you where you stand. Personally, I would suggest it sooner rather than later , before you get too hung up on a guy who may or may not be


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  • maybe you have it all backwards. you should take the next step to see if he's interested.


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