What is closer to the guys' equivalent of being a fat girl, short guys or scrawny limbed guys?

As far as the amount of appeal (or lack thereof) from the opposite sex.

You can say fat guys are, if you want, but that goes against all evidence I have seen.
  • Short guys
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  • Scrawny limbed guys
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  • About the same
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  • Fat guys are not appealing. As for your argument I want to see references and links not forced opinions since you are so sure.

    • The evidence is that you occasionally see fat guys with good height with hot women. Virtually never with the others. That's common knowledge, but you can dispute that if you want.

    • I'm not disputing
      The burden of proof is on you
      I see fat women with hot guys too that does not mean it's common just because you saw a couple of fat guys with hot women. Beauty is subjective

    • You rarely see that.

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