Do guys actually play hard to get? Are they more likely to play games with attractive women?

I'm just wondering if guys actually play games and if my situation would be considered playing games.

im a pretty attractive 21 year old, I must say, and I have my pick with men. There's this guy I'm genuinely interested in but I think he thinks I'm out of his league because he's kinda nerdy and small (my friend's theory). In person he will be super into me, and he will show obvious signs he's into me, and his friends also make comments. He asked me to dinner and I agreed (but I didn't say a specific day or ask when) until I messaged him a night later and asked him what night works for him over fb, and he opened it but didn't respond. It's been 2 days. I don't get it... If he's into me, why wouldn't he be like "this night..." Or whatever?


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  • Not hard to get, just playing it safe. I know guys that do that aren't really playing hard to get, they're just trying not to screw up.

    • That actually does make sense. So it's not disinterest?

What Girls Said 1

  • I think guys or immature guys play games to play thats it. For the laughs, ego, some inner reason from his past.


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