Is he still into me or should I hang it up? please answer

OK so I've been talking to this guy for a very long time. I know so much about him and he knows so much about me. He is currently single but broke up with his girlfriend weeks ago. We've hung out at the movies, and went out to dinner and stuff. It seemed like he liked me for a long time and what not. We've stayed up so many nights just talking. Now he doesn't talk to me, he canceled the time where we were supposed to hang out and watch movies, and when I said hey how have you been lately on Facebook he signed off. this was on chat... so idk. what is going on with him. Does he not like me at all. I've tried to give him space by not talking to him in a long time but I have no idea. please help me

also, when we went to the movies we held hands and we kinda cuddled a lil. We normally hug when we see each other..

He is online on Facebook now. should I talk to him or no?


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  • im in a similar situation as you (only difference is my guy actually talks to me and hang out.. but sometimes distant from time to time)... but if you try talking to him and he's not responding.. well he's not worth ur time... let him come to you... he will if he really likes u

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