Would you advise a 21 years old guy to get into a relationship?

Hey, I was wondering if it is wise to get into a relationship in the early 20's.

I've never dated someone, and eventually never got a girlfriend. There's a girl in my class I'm highly attracted to and have been thinking of her since the first time we've talked.
I do believe that this time I have enough courage to ask her out despite that I've never been able to do so in the past.

However, when I think to what it takes to be in a relationship
(for example, you have to be constantly available, pay for everything, make her happy so prepare some good surprises and the list goes on..)
I don't know what to do anymore.

Do you believe is it worthy to get into a relationship at this point in my life or is it useless? I mean should I go with what tells my heart to do or should I suppress my feelings.

Hoping that you'll provide me some help to choose the right path.



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  • Everything depends on you. Ask yourself if you want to have a partner in your life. Early 20s is the best time. Relationships are hard work but reward is you have a person who loves you and if lucky, spends her entire life with you. You say you're highly attacted to? Go for it. Take it slow so you'll not get easily relationship fatigued. Learn to balance your life.

    • Thank you for being supportive ! :)

      I've planned to go for it, but part of me was still hesitant. Now I know I shouldn't be hesitant anymore and go for what my heart wants :D

    • You're welcome. :) Good luck.

    • Indeed I'll need some luck here, thanks ! :D

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