Best friend's crush likes me. And I like him. What to do?

I love my best friend, I really do. But she falls easily for boys she doesn't know much and right now, she has two crushes. One knows her and the other doesn't. I like the one who doesn't know her. True, I liked him soon after she liked him because he was eyeing me and I thought my best friend was over him. So I started talking to him and snapping him everyday and we hit it off. But recently my best friend told me she didn't know who to pick between her crushes anymore. I didn't know what to do anymore, she doesn't know I like him. The worse part is, I didn't want to give up on the boy. He's a boy who knows how to love and I want his love. Should I wait for my best friend to get over him or should I move on?
I'll try telling her soon. thanks for your opinion though


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  • This is only a crush, she wil soon get over it. Don't tell her, why complicate things with her? Try not to flirt withhim right in front of her, but otherwise, he's fair game.

    • thanks for upvote...

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    • I think he would.. so just go out, your friend doesn't own the guy, does she?

    • I guess not. okay I'll go for him then

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  • Just tell her and then she can pic the other crush

    • how? please be more specific

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    • I wouldn't be but I don't know her. Some girls would be.

    • I'll try telling her soon. thanks for your opinion though

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  • you did this behind her back... wow... 👎

    • I thought she got over him. She was falling hard for the one I didn't like.

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