What compliments do guys like, (I'm useless at taking compliments so I'm really bad at giving them too)?

I'm really bad at taking compliments - like if someone tells me I'm gorgeous, I respond with something like "oh God no, I'm a disaster" haha. I am really socially awkward when the spotlight is on me. I think because I'm so bad at taking comliments, I'm equally bad at giving them (dating-wise). I've told the guy I'm dating that I like him, but I don't think he believes me. I'm on the shy side too. I want to let him know I like him back and give him compliments without sounding contrived. He's said a couple of things like he thinks I'm out of his league. What compliments boost a guys confidence? I am attracted to him physically and his personality, I'm just bad at expressing it.


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  • Are you being touchy with him?
    Crack a joke and when he laughs.. give him a compliment such as.. i like your laugh.. smile..
    Your hair looks good today!


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