Should I ask my boyfriend for money?

My grandmum is so sick and hospital bills are on my neck, my parents died so am the one taking care of my grandmother, i have other bills to pay yet am not making enough money to cover all that
my boyfriend has a better job and earns good money, when i told him about my grandmother , he told me that if i need help with money , i shouldn't be shy to ask him and he would be happy to help.
I need the money but , am shy and scared of asking him for money, what shd i do?


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  • He already said he will give it to you and would be happy to help. If he earns more, and you feel like he doesn't really need it all, or can easily help without it being inconvenient for him, just explain the situation like you did here, I'm sure he will be glad to be helping someone else.

    But, It's a bit of an unspoken agreement. Unless he has lots of it and doesn't really care, after that, you will feel somehow dependent on him, and in debt (also because it wasn't for you, it was for someone else), even if he says the oposite.
    I guess it depends on how long he is your boyfriend, and how serious you are.
    If it's a recent unsure thing, it would look bad if you broke up with him shortly after, you know what I mean? It has unspoken moral consequences for both of you.

    I really hope that you can get through this difficult time. Stay strong.

    • We have been together for 1 year!
      thanks for the beautiful words!

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  • Ask him, because he loves you and wants to make sure everything is okay. Especially in the hard situation you are in, and don't be embarrassed. If anything to still show your independence tell him you will pay him back.

    • I wish your grandma to get well, and for all of the best to you. You are amazing being there for her, and you have a beautiful heart.

    • Thanks !

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  • I usually wouldn't suggest this but in your case it makes some sense. Check with a lawyer. It may be wiser to let your grandmum fall into bankruptcy than to try to pay for her hospital bills for her. Bankruptcy laws are there for this reason.


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