Girls, should I get into a relationship with someone?

I date girls casually, nothing sexual, just legitimate dates. But I don't ever take the next step for a serious relationship. I feel like I've still got to focus on a career first, so that I would have something to offer in a relationship; I don't want to be dead weight.

Am I wrong for thinking this way? I've been called a heartbreaker before and It made me feel like a total douche. So may I ask: When did you decide to get into a serious relationship? Or When will you feel ready for one?
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  • My ex was exactly the way you are. He got into a relationship with me, then a few months later realised he just wanted to focus on his career and then left me out of the blue. Took me so long to get over him. If you want to focus on your career then don't get into a relationship unless you can manage both. People just end up getting hurt.

    • Yeah that's exactly what I want to avoid. To be in a relationship only to find out I won't have much time for her. But perhaps I can manage it, I've never tried it before.

  • you're not wrong to think that. relationships should be based on two wholes coming together.

    i got into a relationship when i felt comfortable with myself and with the idea of getting married

  • Focus on my passion!

  • If you get career, you can get girls more easily


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