Still wants to be friends after breakup, is this selfish?

I broke up with this girl I was talking to for about 3 months cause I found out from a friend that she was on tinder. She came to my place at 4 am distraught over the breakup and said she needed me in her life at least as a friend cause I calm her down and make her feel better, is This selfish? Like what do I say? I just wanna cut things off clean and not see her again.


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  • Being friends isn't a good idea. But was her being on Tinger really the only reason? You didn't ask her about it? She may not even be getting on anymore and even if she is it doesn't mean she is talking to anyone.

    • Well yea she's on a dating site, why would you be in a dating site if you're with someone. She matched up with my friend and he showed me, her profile was pretty active. She said she went on just for fun and to swipe but that's BS cause she had posted new pics and moments so she obviously wanted the attention

    • Three months isn't that long lots of people are still active in dating sites at that point if they haven't discussed being exclusive and taking down their dating profiles. But it's your life if it doesn't feel right then just move on. It isn't a good idea to be friends after a breakup.

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  • Well just drop her like a hot potato.. And don't give a shit about how sad she is about the breakup

    Fuck that behavior where she is on tinder while you two are still together...
    I would dump her too if I was in your place


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  • Then cut it dude. End it.


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