Asked 4my then never called.

So I was out in the bars last weekend(just received a fake I.d so I am very new to the bar scene) and got approached by this guy tall and hot totally my type.He seemed very interested in me complimenting me all night. And once we met we didn't leave each others side. We stayed til the bar closed at 4.I was leaving to go to a different bar And he chased after me only too persuade me too go back to his place. We debated outside for well over 25min mostly me saying how I'm not a whore and I wouldt sleep with him. I he said it didn't matter he just wanted me to come we went back to his place and I guess you could say I was being quite the tease I wouldn't let him do anything else but kissing web he obviously wanted more. In the morning he had no clothes on and I had all of mine on.LOL. He kissed me in the morning and cuddled then he asked me to make sure he had mb number aftr he had asked twice the nite b4. I had high hopes for this guy we had amazing chemistry but I don't have his number and he never called Orr texted . I went out the folling nights and was hit on by al of his housemates. I ended up kissing one of them really because I wanted to make him jealous on the fact he never called and he's missing out.his friend is just as cute but I really want him. It's almost been a week they both have my numbers and neither has texted me. Both nigts I was pretty drunk but remember everything kinds. Should I get a hold of guy 1? I've never been one too text a guy and ask him to hang out. That's his job!but I'm pretty confused over here.


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  • lol well uve definately lost him now...i don't know y but this dumb gene goes off in females heads and it tells them that sexual interactions with other guys is someone going to end up getting the 1 they want back...NO, IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY, NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL...Wot uve done iz killed off any chance of him respecting you let alone takng you seriously again, if he does come on2 you again it will onnli be 4 sex, az much az he mite trick you this tym around...u f***ed up, lol he's friends probably alredy told him they pulled u...probably hurt him 4 about 10minutes, then they probably discussed how ur a slut and changed topic. plz be sensible next tym...odds are you 2 did hav a close and intermate bond...guys are lazy so that's probably y he didn't call or next you...he probably wuld have 1ns he remembered the gr8 tym he spent with you...but not now...

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    • Damnn hahah. as much as I wish this wasn't true. you are probably right.. I'm such an idiot haah I should have never kissed his roomate... that was stupid... it was his long blonde hair:(

    • Ahhh the hair lol of course...its aways the frigin hair!

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  • Troll

    • Why are you saying that

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    • Ah, then that's why I'm a level 9 with over 100 questions and over 1200 answers.

      If you weren't looking for attention, little girl, you would've skipped the BS story of getting into a bar with a fake ID and being out all night and dispensed with the details of how proud you are of teasing the guy.

      You're the looser.

    • What I was telling my story I didn't want to leave out information I want advice or else I obvisouly wouldn't be wasting ALL of my time surfing the internent and reading other peoples relationship stories too make myself feel better about my social life- like you do.

  • You've lost both of them.

    Guys primarily want sex but If we find girls we like, personality wise, than we date them. The only way to make sure you're not going to get played is to hold back. The best thing you could have done after the bar was go home. If he really wanted to date you, he would call.

    Guys want to know that you're worthy of our trust. If you sleep with us after the first date than we assume you do that with every guy. Trust is very important.


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  • ummm... forget them. you'll meet other guys. there are so many around.

    but if you really want them specifically, then just text them. they probably will reply cause sexually open people -- which they seem to be -- rarely reject sex offers, and you know they're interested cause they wanted to have sex with you. nothing wrong with texting. you're the one who wants them after all. if you want it, go get it girl!

    • One more thing to make sure you maximize your pleasure. only because you're the one asking does not mean they're doing YOU the favor. Act as if you were doing THEM the favor -- although you're both really doing a favor for each other. And hold your standards as you normally would. So if you don't like something they're doing, just make them stop. You don't have to be accepting cause you're the one who initiated.

    • Thankss for the advice nenemomo! I'm going to see if I see him out tonight ..and if I doo I'm going to completely ignore him.. if he comes up to me then my plan is solidd. if he doesn't ..his lose! and I'm going to hang out with his hot roomate haha.

  • To be honest you lost both of them.

    It was very immature and selfish to use his friend to make him jealous.

    Perhaps he was going to call later but I don't think he will now.

    Have you heard the phrase "Bros before Hoes" or something like that.

    You are acting like you deserve that they call you.

    You sound almost like you feel the victim. When you were the one who used the friend of the guy you like to get him to call you.

    I know I sound mean but it is the truth.