Is she interested in me, so confusing?

So this girl and i have been talking for about 2 weeks now. It all started when she poked me on facebook and i did the same then she added me as a friend and i wrote to her. We had like a short texting conversation but as the days went on the conversations got longer and longer and we been talking ever since. We also go to the same school but she is a class under me. We have gone out once to a caffe and i thought that went well. At the end of the week she texted me that she would love to see me again. In shcool sometimes it feels like she's acting like she's not interested but sometimes like she is. This is so confusing haha. Im meeting her again and what should i do? Should i ask her if she's in to me or what?


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  • Just spend a bit more time with her to get to know her better. Don't give her ALL your attention, but enough to see that you like being around her. She might be playing hard to get, but she might also have a life and other things to focus on that you ^^' which is absolutely not a bad thing!

  • There are a lot of girls who like to play hard to get and therefore display hot and cold behavior. They don't want to appear too desperate so they ignore you or pretend like they aren't interested. Asking her point-blank if she is into you would be a good idea because if not she's just going to keep playing these games with you. However, don't be pretentious about asking her. It might even help to say that you like her first, that way she feels more comfortable in revealing her feelings. It does sound like she's interested in you though, so good luck.


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