My ''friend'' is extremely selfish?

She is 22 years old and never wants to hangout, she lives with her parents and all she does is hangout with them. She barely wants to go do something and i have to literally force her to go out, when go out at night she is extremely greedy, never wants to pay anthing, she acts like a bitch at the end of the night and acts like she is annoyed with me when i have done nothing to her except ask her whats wrong... she is also very greedy never pays for me, when i pay for her, always leaves me hanging, like last time in the middle of the night in a big city she decided to leave me there and take another train, i am a woman... atleats she could have stayed with me , just like i would do for her, to unsure we get home safe both. She is very selfish and barely has any friends, if any i was her last. Its too bad she acts like that but why does she? is she just spoiled by her parents? her parents literally catch her when she has a problem, they are always there for her, which never makes her independent... all tho i live with my mother she doesn't spoil me in that way.


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  • You need to get another friend
    This girl doesn't understand how friendship work


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