Should I continue to be friends with a girl who friendzoned me after we got a bit close?

Met a girl on Tinder, she said she is here for friends only, and maybe see what happens later.

We have talked online for 3 months but could only get 5 dates becasue she has a busy schedule and i think maybe she wasn't so interested in me.

- First date we had dinner and drinks, and i could tell she was interested as when we were walking she was always close to me shoulder to shoulder. I didn't kiss her because i never on the first date
- Second date we had dinner close to her house and some bar. Great date and conversation. Before i left to get on the train we kissed on the lips for the first time.
- Third date we went to watch a movie at the cinema. She said she was cold and grabbed my hand, i then initiated the kissing. We must of kissed on the lips (and french kiss a bit) 60-100 times. During the movie we would rest our heads on each other. She would rub my biceps, thighs and i would do the same. She took a lot of photos of us together. I thought maybe after this date i would push for sex but she wouldn't let me go to her house.
- Fourth date she organized to have it at a South American place for lunch. I could tell she was acting weird a bit. Again we must of kissed a 100 times and acted like boyfriend and girlfriend. She gave me a "Latina" kiss which was the most sexiest kiss i ever received. At this stage i was aroused and standing close to her and grabbing her ass. She caught the train home and again wouldn't let me go home.

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After the fourth date she said we could go to the park the next day, she cancelled the following day saying she had to go spend time with her friend who was going through a break up. But she said the following week we could explore the whole city together all weekend.

Next week she wouldn't really talk much via text, she was always too busy or tired

In the end i had to ask her if anything was wrong between us, and we had this huge conversation through chat
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She msged back saying she was confused about me, if she loved me as a friend or more. She said our dates were "lovely" but "not amazing" and that there was no "passion" when we kissed. To me this seemed strange as she seemed so into it. She said maybe we should wait until December after she finishes her visa application and quits her current demanding job and we can try again. I agreed and said thats no problem and i can wait. She then freaked out and said she felt bad i was waiting for her,
Should I continue to be friends with a girl who friendzoned me after we got a bit close?
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