Is there no chance in meeting guys on dating apps?

Have I Just been naive and stupid this whole time? Is there no chance in meeting guys on dating apps? It Seems like there is no decent person in there. . by the way decent as in attractive, not boring, interested in more then Just sex etc.

I dont know what to do because I dont seem to meet decent guys in real life either


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  • Patience my young padawan

    • Im trying. . But I feel defeated everytime guys message me just for hook ups.. ur breaks my spirit

    • That's because you need to go out and try new things

      Dating sites only work for about 15 percent of people and 10 of those 15 percent are just after a hook up
      Meeting new people the old fashioned way is still the best way which means finding a guy you like putting the phone away and talking or going for a walk

  • Hey I'm single... Good luck


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