Now after almost a week guy I used to date texted me, what do I say?

He had said he wants to meet up almost a week ago and that he'll get back to me about making plans. He is on leave from work from medical problems but said he should be better soon.

Last night he texted me hey I've been thinking of you.

Hmm is that sexual? I don't know what to respond. I want him to make plans.
I said so let's get together like we discussed. His response" I want you"


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  • No that doesn't sound overtly sexual, that sounds like he is eager to get over his medical problems and make plans with you. Not saying it doesn't imply attraction, I'm just saying that it's not like sexting with a fill in the blank about something that he is thinking about you doing for instance.


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  • No it's not sexual. He's just randomly texting you, probably because he's bored whilst off work.


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  • a week isn't that long. what's the issue?


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