Girls, I had a date with a smart girl. she joked her husband is her kindle. does it mean she won't date me anymore or in reverse?

i really like a girl. very much. i am attracted with her very much. we had a date together. had a dinner together she brought her kindle and told me he is her hasband. does it mean she won;t date me anymore pluss is, that she stayed with me after a diner. we went to the park, sat down, and we were talking for 2 hours.
  • she won't date you. you are a fucking looser
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  • she will date you more. you just over analyse this...
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  • def she will date you more if she stayed with you after a dinner.
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  • nooo. she won't date you more. her husband is her kindle! get over it!
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  • It's a joke. But you have to be more confident. No matter how you are, confident always attract people. So you have to be at lease as confident as her.

    • like how? what to do?

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    • Just keep asking her out once or twice a week but don't tell her that you like her, wait for two months and see what happens.. when she wants you, you will feel it. Be nice to her but don't text her too much. :)

    • ok. not too much texting

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  • It's a joke, she made a joke. Don't overthink it. She just meant she loves her kindle and probably uses it a lot, which has nothing to do with her intention of dating you or not.


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