How can we show them are love is true?

My parents dont like him becasue he is from africa, also because he is older then me. I have two problems he is a African and my family doesn't like that, and he is also 11 years older then me. I have feel deeply inlove with this man, he is like my everything. He also has fallen deep in love with me. Im afraid that if i tell my parents, they will take him away from me forever. He doesn't seem like a bad man. doesn't fit that profile that every one puts him in.
i just dont know what to do.. how do i even tell my parents that we love each other?


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  • It isn't that your love isn't true but rather that your love is unlikely to last. 11 years is a huge maturity gap and you're below the maturity blast line.

    • your saying since im 17 years old, it is impossible for me to be mature enough to love some one?

    • No, actually I am saying that you can love someone but it's not guaranteed you both will feel the same way say 10 years down the road.

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