Guys, what do guys think about girls who are shy and humor them by their own clumsy selves before getting used to them?

Recently My friends have been pointing out that when I'm interested in a guy, I totally lose my sense of everything. I'm normally a very energetic person and laugh and smile a lot, but whenever I'm around someone I'm interested in, I shut down. for instance, today I was with a good friend and my crush was working and had a sign that said he had to be strapped to a chair until people donate $100 to a charity for Christmas. I had $5 so I decided to give it, but when I went up to him, I started blushing, forgot everything about my entire existance and ended up literally throwing the money into the bucket in my own state of clumsy. My friend came over and said something to him and only after that was I able to collect myself and say something and smile. He smiled back to me and started laughing and I was shy again. When I got loosened up by the comment of my friend I could finally breathe again. I was wondering what guys think of how girls acted to them. What do they find attractive. I've always been told that guys like personality and outgoing girls. I'm outgoing and always energetic, smiling, and laughing, but right when I get a crush I start blushing until someone can break the ice. It's so embarrassing for me. Is it a total turn off?
Would guys prefere girls who are shy at first when the girls has a crush on them?


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  • Shy girls are love.

    NOT A TURN OFF because when you guys communicate more with them they are the best humans/ friends you'd ever get.


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