Girls, What is emotional abuse?

I understand physical abuse but what are examples of emotional abuse?
I didn't mean to have girls, at the the start of the question by the way


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  • Saying nasty things about you but then backing it up with 'but I love you' or 'I care about you' and you should be grateful because nobody else would have you. I would also add locking you in their car and yelling at you until you cry. Then tell you how sorry they are and how much they want to go back to the start and try again because YOU messed up and you hurt them. Not the other way around. Standing you up on Valentine's Day when you're sat by the door ready and making up some story about your best friend. But you don't text them (not call, text) until 2 hours later. Then when you remind them how upset you were they yell at you for not understanding. Repeat same behaviour on their birthday but change excuse to 'fell asleep'. But then make it up to them by showing up at their workplace a week later with a bucket load of presents so everyone at work thinks you're really sweet. Essentially make a lot of plans with them and then either stand them up or cancel right at the last minute so they spend their whole night waiting for you. Basically fucking with your mind and making your perception of love warped. That's emotional abuse.

    • Are you speaking from experience?

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    • Very unconfident. Very anxious. If someone makes plans with me, I almost always have a panic attack before they get there because I've been conditioned to expect people to let me down. He broke me as a person completely. The things he did and said to me, I'm not even listing half the stuff.

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  • Purposeful treatment to another being that terrorizes them, makes them feel scared or inadequate.


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  • Manipulation. Lying. Yelling over nothing. Name calling. Depriving them of time or effort. Blame them for everything. Doing things that are emotionally heartbreaking to your partner. Never let them speak. Holding irrelevant grudges against them.
    The list goes on forever.

  • I went through emotional abuse for eleven years, from six to seventeen, and it happens in many forms. In my case it was very subtle, but even in extreme cases, as the person who is suffering depends emotionally on the abuser and we grow kinda used to it, we struggle to see and realise and in some cases even to accept what is going and in my case i never knew differently, i only had a slight memory of how things were like before mom got married to him... And what they do is basecally manipulate you. They manipulate you with words and actions, and first they manipulate you into thinking they love you, then they can use the excuse -I love you, thats why i do this to you- so you start accepting all of those harsh words and invalidations of feelings, and sometimes intimidations as a sign of love, I was emmotionally dependent on him because he convinced me as a child that I had to accept him as a father, because he wanted to be a dad for me and I was being ungrateful for not taking him, and i was just 6 years old, and had never seen my mom with any other man before, he was news to me and difficult to accept since me and my sister had never had a father, but hey, it worked. We felt bad and took him as our father, and fathers are supposed to love and care right? not in his case, he would buy us toys and food and clothing, but say bad things, and call us names, and treat us badly, intimidating us, and when we reacted we were called ungrateful, bad hearted, monsters - yes he called 8 year olds monsters - we basecally were wrong for having any feelings at all, so we grow up with somewhat of a low self-esteem, and only when we notice what is going on, that we can break free from it, but its difficult... I starting noticing by comparision that our family was odd, and quite unhappier than others, so we start to speak our minds, defend ourselves and he goes away :)... But its basically manipulation and invalidation, mockery all the time and subtle

    • At least you know how not to bring up your kids now though

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  • when they harm you using psychological/ verbal tactics to harm someone. Saying you're fat or useless calling you names or belittling you


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