I'm so confused with my FWB?

Okay long story short we have been "talking" to eachother for about 7 months. He's single... I am single but still dealing with baby daddy drama. Basically he has been giving me mixed signals. He has told me he loves me (while drunk and I just said okay), yet asked me not to be "too inimate" with him before feelings get involved. He gets jealous if I "disappear" for a week or more saying I have a 'new boyfriend'. We hook up at anytime of the day (not just booty call hours). Sometimes I hang around after sometimes I leave right away. Sometimes he ask me if we can grab some food... He's made comments that if his place was big enough he would move me and my kid in (but i have my own place)... But yet I feel like he is trying to control me... Every time I get around him he is telling me what I should/shouldn't be doing... I keep thinking about him and think I might be falling for him!


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  • Have a talk and define what you are


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