How long does it take to get to know a guy and date to know that he wants more than just sex?

I don't plan on having sex with anyone I want to know their true intentions

I'm not sexually active and I'm not dating anyone but I like this guy


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  • I've heard a few different things about this. One expert says 10 dates is long enough. Another says three months. Between the two, I'd better trust the first option.

    Basically though, it's fairly easy to see whether a guy is just into you for sex or not. Just don't give him sex and see if he stays. One past boyfriend of mine left after two short months because I wouldn't sleep with him. My current boyfriend, I slept with after about 7 months and I haven't regretted it.

    • Well I like this guy but he never asked me on a date. I gave him my number but he never contacted me he just apologized months later when I saw him at the store he works at

    • That's the thing the guy I like showed no interest. He never contacted me when I gave him my number and when I see him at the store where he works he never gave me his number and he never asked me on a date

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  • The only way you'll ever truly know is if y'all have sex and he doesn't leave

    • No way am I taking that chance

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    • Lol I tried to tell you :P

    • Actually someone else told me first

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