Guys, My boyfriend said he was not in the hospital anymore but I found out he lied and he is still there? Why lie?

When i saw him a few days ago he told me he was getting out. He was happy. He told me recently he is not anymore at the hospital and lied bc i found out he is still there.. Why lie about this. Was i suffocating him... ? Why can't he b honest?


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  • First calm down. He may or may not have a reason. Just first calm down. Ask him.

    • Im... By going to the hospital and asking him.. He does not know that i know he lied...

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    • He is your boyfriend so... you have the right to know especially that is concerns his health. Just go to him... it should not be an issue if you go to him.

    • No it should not.. But lying that he is mot at the hospital and he is still there that hurts me bc im concerned about him...

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