What's Your Type?

Is there a specific type of girl/guy that you're looking for? What kinds of personality traits do you want him/her to have? Would you prefer any specific physical features?

Are you the nondiscriminatory person who doesn't really have a type?

Or do you already have bae? Describe their sexiness in all of its glory


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  • You know, I used to have a list, but getting older I'm realizing that it really just comes down to:

    - Some similar interests
    - Friendship, getting along well and enjoying each other's company
    - won't cheat on you
    - Finding them physically attractive
    - Willing to fight for the relationship

    To me, that would basically mean:
    - Have a hobby we can do together, whatever it is. (I'm an archer, if she were too that would be ideal.)
    - Like I said, get along well. Someone you can be around for a while and not tire of them. The kind of friend where even if you aren't together, if something good happened to you, they would be the first person you want to tell.
    - won't cheat. Pretty simple one.
    - I find them attractive. (For me, this would mean petite/in shape body, 5'4''-5'6'', cute>hot face, and blonde or brunette)
    - Willing to fight for the relationship. This one is also pretty straight forward, you need to be willing to fight for what we have.


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  • I don't particularly have type because I feel like it's unwise and self-limiting. Good men are already going extinct so why make the search even harder on myself by setting up this genetic and persona expectation? I also just don't think it's fair to have this strict expectation for a man and dismiss great guys with outstanding minds just because they don't miraculously fit this list I created. Feels very middle school, playing that game of MASH.

    However, I'm typically drawn to extroverts.

  • I already have a s/o and I don't have a specific type as I've dated a variety of people in regards to height weight gender etc.
    I tend to go for someone with a lot of banter
    They have to be a good person
    I would prefer if they shared similar morals to me (e. g if they thought going to seaworld and some transphobic comments were their idea of a good day it's a no from me)
    They have to respect not only me but other people. My mum always told me to watch how a person treats those providing them a service (like if they're rude to cashiers, waiters etc about things they can't help)
    Physical attributes I like but don't look for if that makes sense ( like more of the people I've been attracted to have one or more of these)
    Dark hair (I've never been into blondes)
    Blue eyes
    And that's probably it


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm looking for Meg Ryan in 1989. It's a shame what happened to her.



  • Tall, big tits, skinny


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