P. C. ***** Crushing?

P.C. ***** Crushing?
"All I know is that I don't stand up for minorities just so I can crush *****"

I thought about it and it's a very interesting (and hilarious) way of getting girls--passionatly espousing political beliefs that said girls believe in to seem really politically impressive/caring/deep.

Girls, do you think you'd become more attracted to a guy if he was passionate about things you cared about standing up for gay people/talking about the horror of racial inequality/talking about establishing peace in the Middle East or if you're conservative how great church is/talking about what bad shape America is in/ talking about how the government needs to leave the rich alone.

Guys, has this ever helped you get laid/into a relationship?

Ah, love south park so much...


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  • I would not because mmm... I need to know a guy before I let him in!

    • but is he hotter in your eyes when you love what he is passionate about?

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    • cuz i'm one of a kind!

    • er... kinda.

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  • This is the definition of white knighting. Guys have been doing it for years. When South Park finally called people out on it I smiled for the rest of the day. I was in a fraternity and guys both inside and outside Greek life did this crap constantly and it used to piss me off all the time. So many guys would switch on and off their "strong moral compass" defendant upon how cute girls were. That's why I'd rather be friends with an honest dick than a lying "morally sound" individual.

    • And yes it works.

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    • It only works on dumb girls. If you run into a girl who actually understands the crap your standing up for they know in an instant. But a crap ton of girls have been doing the same thing for years. That's why it works because the liars don't want to be ousted as liars so they just go along with it.

    • I hate when a girl pretends to like John Mayer music for my benefit, you're right, but I guess in a way it's endearing that they care that much to lie?

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  • LOL, this season of South Park has been SOOOO accurate. Just spot-on social commentary. It should be broadcast as a PSA.

  • I'm so confused... the fuck you talking about?


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