Help! Should I continue to pursue her?

I asked her out twice now, the second one was a follow up. She said yes both times, even said "next week?" when she was too busy, and then said she would text me when she is free the second time I asked her. There were many nonverbal and other verbal queue's that she was interested.

BUT. When i approached one of her close friends. She informed me that she had her eye on someone else, but the situation is still uncertain.
We are still good friends. And I see her a few times a week. I still make her laugh and we still talk in group settings, but I have backed off and she never texted me her availability. Problem is, I can not stop thinking of her. Best to continue to pursue? Or lay off, and show her that I am worth it by the time I do get to spend with her even if it isn't one on one.


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  • Talk her and hang out with her more when she has the free time.

    • I do that, but we hang out in group settings. I dont know if I should push i tif she has her eye on someone else..

    • Become more outgoing with her

Most Helpful Guy

  • 'She has an eye on someone else'... ABORT MISSION! Irrespective of whether it's 'certain' or not, there's no point ion pursuing her anymore.

    • Exactly what I thought, and reacted. The only reason I am posting this though is because I can't get her off my mind and am trying to figure out the best course of action. Friendship? or Pursuit?

    • Best course of action is to distance yourself from her until your feelings for her fad. In the meantime, try pursuing other girls.

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  • Do u think she worth it?

    • Of course I do. But as the guy stated below. She has her eye on someone else, I figured it was best for me to back off and win her over through my friendship. but I don't know..

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    • The last thing I want is to hurt our friendship or push her away if this isn't the right timing. Why do you think pursuing her even though she might like some one else is the better choice?

    • Maybe ur right but i feel like i have to try! I know if i ever find a guy worth fight for I would even if i lose a friendship even if he refuse i have to try its all i got! love waits for no-one!

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  • In my opinion, don't EVER put yourself in a position where one day you could be telling yourself..."It could of been me."

    If you think she's worth it, show her. Pursue her.


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