Can't get my ex out of my head?

It has been almost 6 years since we split up so I don't understand why after this amount of time he would still be running through my mind like a catchy tune. We only dated a year and 6 months but during that time period I had the best time of my life. I miss the days that we had together which could be the root cause of my thoughts of him. However, sometimes it is much deeper than that. Sometimes I look at the empty spot on the bed beside me and wish that he was there. I want to smell his cologne again and hear his truck pulling into my drive way. I miss hauling truck loads of logs with him 2 hours away and the way that it felt being in his arms. I miss his smile and his laugh and the way his eyes lit up whenever he looked at me. I simply cannot get over him. Of course I don't cry or anything like that and of course it is a lot easier to deal with now than it was even a year after our break up but I mean, almost 6 years later and he still consumes my thoughts? If anyone asks me, he was still one of the best parts of my life.

Should I call him? Or should I just leave the past in the past?


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  • Why did you break up? If it was ugly or because of abuse, leave it. If it was cordial, you could always give it a shot but I'd still advise finding someone new that'll be even better for you.

    • It wasn't a bad break up and there was no abuse involved. In fact, we stayed friends for a good 2 years after that and he visited me often. He still keeps in contact with me from time to time.

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  • No i suggest u relax and watch a movie.

    • Relaxing and watching a movie hasn't helped me so far lol He still contacts me every once in awhile which probably doesn't help.

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    • Right! Haahahaha

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  • Because he had a special spot in your heart and maybe other people in your life who had the potential to be your boyfriend or who were didn't fill that void, and that's okay. Healing comes with time, and why you miss him probably is because you truly had a GREAT time with him and thats that.

  • Oh, I know how you feel! My ex still speaks from time to time, we broke up years ago and whenever he speaks, my feelings start to come back again (they probably never really went) Ages ago, we said we'd hang out as friends but it hasn't happened yet. I'd probably be so nervous if we did. Feel free to message if you wanna talk about it further.


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