Should I text him to confirm our date?

Met a guy online 4 days ago. He immediately took an interest in me and asked me out for brunch on Sunday. The next day he invited me to a party that a friend of his was having. I ended up going and had a great time. He asked me "so when are we having a real date?" And I told him that I cleared out my Sunday for brunch and was looking forward to it. He said the same. At the end of the night, he texted me "I really enjoyed your company tonight. Looking forward to brunch on Sunday." I responded with "I had a great time as well. Talk to you soon."

On Friday he asked me what I was doing for the weekend. I told him I was working and had family visiting. He told me that he was meeting friends at the beach. That was the end of our convo. No mention of brunch. It is now Saturday Night.

Should I text him Sunday morning to see if we're still on for brunch or leave it alone?


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  • Text him now (Sat night) to confirm you guys are still on for tomorrow and ask what time just so you both can plan your day.


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