I just realized that I have a crush on my best female friend. What is a good way to tell her, or ask her out on a date?

I want to tell he but I won't be able to see her for two weeks.


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  • The best way to tell her is to be straightforward about it. If you cut corners she might think you're just kidding, so you have to be serious about the topic in order to convince her that you see her as more than just a friend. Once you do, asking her out on a date will probably not be too difficult. Since you both are friends, the only part of the date that will be awkward isn't the asking but in actually seeing each other across the table for the first time as more than just friends.


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  • DON'T ASK HER OUT IMMEDIATELY as it may inflict some serious damage upon you emotionally if she rejects you... Test the waters first and see if she has a thing for you.. touching her arms or hands is a great start, or talk to her in close proximity if she resists, that means it's not a good sign.


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  • -maybe write her a song
    -give her a note
    -tell ur friends to tell her u like her

    • The problem with 1-2 is that I don't see her that often. The problem with 3 is that my friends are her friends so that probably won't turn out to well. Or it might turn out way to well.

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    • I want to tell her in person though.

    • Than I guess you can tell her in person and give her a card... if your nervous but just stand there.

  • You should just ask her to go out for a bite to eat and see from there. It's all about bonding, and you can ask her if she's interested in anyone etc.

    • would not asking if she likes anyone make me to much of a friend and less date-able?

    • No, because the last thing you want is to ask her out and she's interested in someone else. This way you can feel out her situation.

    • o ok I got it.

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