What's my next step, let go or fight?

I've fallen in love with this woman, who already have a boyfriend when we met. It started with just normal texting, dates and flirting and stuff like that. One night, when emotions are strong, we kissed, but we didn't escalate things further because she's taken. Recently she's been rather cold, I ask her why fight the feelings we have and she says she needs time to clear her thoughts. Her birthday is around the corner and I thought of sending her flowers and let her go, so my question is do I let her go or should I fight for her? I feel deeply for her but the last thing I want is to suffocate her and make her feel bad. Her smile is so beautiful.


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  • Send her flowers with a sweet note. Nothing mushy, just let her know you're thinking of her still. Her response may give you more of an indication. She does really need to clear her head and choose between the two of you though.

    • I don't know women well, she receives the flowers today, says that it's sweet and she loves it, but how long do u suggest I have to wait to ask her out?

    • Are you still talking to each other, or was that it? If you're talking, then you might just ask how she's feeling about the situation. Does she need more time to think, or is she decided on something?

      She may use more time and more time and more time as a way to string you along. Ultimately, if she doesn't break up with him for you in a couple of weeks, then she's probably never going to do that.

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  • Don't force it, and don't seem too eager. I know you like her but if she's taken you have to move on with your life, and if you're comfortable with her being your friend while she has a boyfriend; just be careful. If it's meant to be, it'll happen.


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  • leave it nothing good could happen from this scenario. If you do get the girl what is to stop her from doing the exact same thing she's to you with some other guy when you finally get her. She isn't a loyal person


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