Guys, My long time guy friend think I'm not as girly as his friend?

My guy friend thinks I'm not girly or that feminine. He thinks his soon to be girlfriend is. But I cannot help that I'm so nerdy, rational and logical. I'm like one of the guys. But he thinks I'm really beautiful and a genius but I'm taken. We just talk and have the same interests.

What at is he saying? Just need other opinions. Why not? Lol


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  • I think it's a compliment. Beautiful girls that aren't gossipy or girly are amazing in my opinion.

    Maybe he wants to have a 4 way and switch off a little? Maybe he thinks you're his KGB contact and he's the worst spy ever.

    • Hahaha! Maybe! That's epic.

      He is super nerdy. I'm hoping this girl actually starts to date him. He knows if I didn't have a husband I would date him in a heartbeat. But he has to settle for this girl. She's amazing to him, but he knows I could've been his girl if I weren't already taken.

      Thanks for the opinion. :D

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