I'm having serious doubts about my relationship - Help?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now (i'm 21) In the first few months of my relationship I experienced a feeling i've never truly experienced before; Love. It's tough because my boyfriend is my first serious relationship and I have nothing to compare it to.

We spent 1.5 years of our relationship long distance, which was a very tough time, but also something that I felt was great for our relationship since it really brought us closer together and helped us appreciate eachother more. At the beginning of the long distance, my boyfriend became very jealous and needy because he was scared to lose me. This really created a lot of strain on the relationship and it got so far to the point where we broke up for 12 hours. Those were really the worst 12 hours of my life so far. i felt completely drained and lifeless. After we talked it out via Skype and were back together, it took some time for things to return to normal, but after that I felt like we were stronger than ever. Its almost like the break up was needed so that both of us could see things in perspective. After the long distance, we finally moved in together. Those first few months were amazing and I was so happy to finally be together. However, lately I have been more sad than happy. To me, it feels like were drifting more and more apart. When i get upset I don't feel like he takes me seriously and sometimes he can get really bossy, judgmental and brutaly honest - a trait which i really do not find attractive in an SO. Looking back on those years i feel like my confidence has taken a serious blow.

It has come to the point where i have seriously dark thoughts about breaking up with him, but im plagued by my immaturity in relationship experience. I don't know what to think since I cannot compare him to any other experience. I miss the happy, goofy and carefree guy I fell in love with!


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  • Relationships have their ups and downs. I think if you really care and love him then try to work it out with him. Things were different because being long distance made you guys appreciate each other more. Now since you live with him you both are in each other's faces a lot. He is in your space and he is in yours. I think it comes down to your happiness and if he makes you happy. I think if he is not then you both may need to take a break from each other.


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