What does he want?

I know this guy a few months now. We had sex. He told me he likes me but that he would rather be in a casual relationship for now. He also told me how his ex broke his heart.
This is what he said : haha na it's cool I like you too but at the moment I just don't want a relationship you know?


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  • He just said what he wants, and then you come here and asks what he wants? :O


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  • He just wants to not label your relationship. Give it a few months but if nothing changes it may be the best to end it.

    • What do you mean by not labelling a relationship? I am new to all of this

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    • I understand :). Thank you very much !

    • You're very welcome! :)

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  • I can tell you he doesn't want a relationship anyway. He probably just wants a friends with benefits thing.

  • He already said he does not want a relationship he wants you to be a shoulder to cry on maybe.


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