Should I be cautious that she won't turn up?

Early morning of our proposed date, she texts me:

Girl - "Hi ninja, sorry I forgot to text you yesterday, they changed me the shift today, so i'll finish late"
Girl - "Do you mind if we postpone it for tomorrow?"
Me - "Yeah that's fine punk, See you at the same place tomorrow at 6?"
Girl - "I'll finish at 7"
Me - "Alright half 8, your favourite time"
Girl - "Hahaha"
Girl - "Thank you ninja!"

Following day, we have a little bit of roleplaying over text, etc before I say "Bring your secret word to (location) at 8:30, I'll see you then fellow ninja.."

She replies:

Girl - "Hahaha"
Girl - "You're crazy!"
Girl - "I'm going to work a bit!"

Should I be cautious she won't meet up and should I still meet at arranged time, but text her when I get there? I feel that I didn't get a definite yes.


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  • She swapped the day round so she wouldn't let you down. That's a good sign! I don't know. I always get anxious before a date that they won't show up (has happened to me a lot this year). I think if she wasn't going to, she would have ignored your text. Show up and see if she does. I hope you have a great time together :)

    • Thanks! Yeah I'll meet in the proposed place and if I don't see her for 10 minutes I'll send her a text. If I don't hear back or anything I'll just go home and forget about it. I think the key thing here is not reacting to it emotionally if she says she couldn't make it or I don't hear from her.

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    • No problem, she is still responding to texts as usual, but guess we'll see if she agrees to a second date

    • I'm sure she will. I hope it all goes smoothly from here out :)

  • Talk to her in a friendly way


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