Is he interested or not?

I've been chatting to a guy I met on a dating website for a couple weeks now. After one or two failed attempts, we met up by chance, as my train had been cancelled and I had two hours to kill. He left work immediately and came to meet me for a drink. We had two drinks, great chat, and generally a very nice time.

Immediately afterwards he messaged me saying it was "good to meet and chat". We then continued to message each other late into the night. This messaging has been going on and off for about 4 days since, and there's been no mention of a second meet/date. Although I've hinted a few times at at meeting in future, he hasn't tried to lock down a day.

My question is - is he actually interested in persuing this, or did he just think 'nah' when we met and wants to keep me on the back-burner? Or worse, as a friend? Why would he keep talking to me if he doesn't want to ask me out?


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  • Well, it hasn't been that much time since you guys last met up and he might just not be free so he hasn't asked. Or he might not be asking because he doesn't want to ask you to soon because he might think that will make him look bad.
    If he is continuing to text you and nothing has really changed, then he is probably still interested in you. Just be patient. Drop bigger hints such as, "I have nothing to do Saturday, bla bla bla" or if you really want, you can just ask him to hang out again. I really like when girls do this as it makes me feel more comfortable later on asking because I know she is interested.


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