When is it appropriate to add someone you're dating on Facebook?

  • Immediately
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  • After a few dates
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  • After a few months
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  • When you're exclusive
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  • When you're serious about each other
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  • My wife was always kind of sore that my facebook status says I'm married to my car. I love my car!


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  • Add them whenever you feel comfortable.
    If we're talking about "relationship status" on facebook, that's a bit more complicated.


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  • I would just add him right away. Since the two of you are dating you may as well. I also like looking through their pictures and stuff to see what they looked like before I met them and some smaller information like previous work, where they're from, etc. but that's just me.

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    • Have you ever been put off if they're really bad old photos?

    • @IAmCluelessToo nah, we all have bad old photos. I have my fair share on my Facebook. I'm not going to judge.

  • Depends I guess. If the topic of Facebook didn't come up for awhile I probably wouldn't seek them out to add them but if it came up or we were both on Facebook for some reason I'd just add them then when they were around. I didn't realise people thought about this.

  • I dont actually know. Though, I dont add guys I met from online on facebook.

    They see me using facebook but i dont ask theirs. Sometimes, they're like, look me up on facebook. I just brush off their remarks and ignore like i haven't heard it lol

  • A lot people's first question when meeting someone new nowadays is 'do you have a Facebook?', so immediately I guess.

    • Well, we met on Tinder so I knew he had it already.

  • Just add him already! ;)


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