Postpone everything because im financially not ready?

So basically my father died a few years ago and just recently we had to give up and buy our cars and like reduce our daily/monthly expenses alittle because we couldn't afford it. We're basically poor now. it depresses me because i used to go to a private school, had my own car and now all my friends went to fancy colleges while my family couldnt afford any and financial aid was declined so i just went to a business school near home. I'm avoiding everyone and its like i just want to die instead of living like this! I know it sounds ridiculous but i used to live in a good level and now its just shit! I broke up with my boyfriend just because i heard that he is thinking about proposing and i dont want anyone that close to know what my family is going through (we have been together for 4 years) i love love love him but im just shutting everyone out i dont know why! I need help im ruinning my life more and more!


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  • People's lives go through peaks and troughs. You're obviously at a trough right now. It will come to pass. You're still coping. Learning how to adjust is the hardest part.

    I'd say assess your life right now and see what you can do to make it better. Lots of people your age are in a similar financial situation and they still get by by working and what not.

    As for your boyfriend, why don't you want him to know? He may be a source of emotional support and you can discuss the idea of postponing as weddings can be expensive.

    • Its hard to act normal around my close old friends and im just scared that he would get sick of all the drama going on. also, the point is he was going to propose already so i just can't ask him to wait, its rude and i dont want him or his family to think that we are less in any kind of way. They're very rich and well educated so probably they want someone like them for him

    • I see. Well, it's not your fault you're in this situation. The only thing you can do now is improve it by doing well in school (and transfer to a better one perhaps?) and finding other support systems. There are many paths to reach the top.

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