How to spot a virgin chaser?

What traits should i look for


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  • Someone who want to use an throw an virgin or someone who prefer an first hand girl? the kind of virgin chaser you should watching for the most are womanizers, and the why to spot them is if you sow a guy who on one hand behave in an unrestrained manner and on the other hand seeking for virgins.


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  • If he wants to know your sexual relationship history early and seems really into your virginity, that's a sign to be watchful. I'd flip the tables by asking him whether or not all his previous partners have been virgins and what he thinks about taking a woman's virginity.

    Some guys are into it without wasting to dump you right away, but... There's probably something strange behind being really into it.

    I'd wait until you're with someone you trust better than needing to ask this. :-/ I don't think you'll regret being certain.


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  • If he asks if you are a virgin, or you tell him you are a virgin and he's all over you... Pretty good signs.

  • I try to avoid any non-alcoholic virgin chasers after a shot of whiskey. Wait? What are we talking about?


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  • He might make negative or judging comments about girls who have had more than a couple sexual partners. He might ask about your sexual/relationship history really early on, and when you say you haven't had sex, he'll make it a big deal and give you mad praise for it.

    If he's trying to have sex with you and leave, he might get more sexual and pressuring with you after you tell him about your inexperience, and he might make comments about popping your cherry/taking your virginity, etc.

    • In fairness I come across very few guys who don't make rude comments about promiscuous girls.. Yet those are the same guys with 'slutty' gfs.

    • @Yidid
      You have a very good point, how do i divide the two?
      Some people say a virgin is a turn off, and would never want to be with one, while others are wanting to claim them. I have been accused of lying about being one but to me It should no matter to the guy because It I am conservative and shy so I thought it would be obvious.

    • I wouldn't decide based on just one of these factors, it's more like a combination of things to look out for.

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