Am I being too picky in finding my significant other?

I believe in destiny and that the girl of my dreams is somewhere out there.
I'm looking all over for her, so that we may finally meet. However, I'm 26 and have yet to ask a girl out.
One reason is my shyness. The other is that none of the girls I see seem like the girl I've been looking for. It's hard to tell if I don't talk to them a lot, but I want to get past the friend zone before she goes out with someone else. But I don't want to go past that zone for some I end up not marrying.
I'm not the kind of guy to go out with many girls at once, but simply must find the girl for me.
I feel I'm being too picky with who I try to talk to, but I want a relationship with a "good enough" girl! I want our lives together to be amazing! But it's just taking so long, and I NEED love in my life NOW!
I'm getting depressed... What do you think I can do?
Oh, and this is a big part of the problem...


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  • I am curious to know how picky you really are. Is it about looks or about personality?

    I thought for a second that I was writing this post for a while there. I know how you feel man. I am shy when it comes to approaching women, and can't find the look that I want to spend the rest of my life with either. and I don't want to date multiple girls at the same time either. I usually get put into the friend zone right away too.

    Let me know how else I can help.

    • Well, my strategy is to look for a pretty girl that "feels" nice. Then I try my best to talk to her and get to know her really well.
      A huge issue with my shyness though, is that I need to try super hard not to panic that I'm going too far too fast.
      I'd never ask a girl out or for something like her number on day 1, but I need to try to ask at all...

    • I totally get the panic. I think I am moving too fast at times too, IF i was able to actually talk to her.

      But I know to be careful not to go too slow and get in the friends zone.

    • Thank you for MHO.

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  • " However, I'm 26 and have yet to ask a girl out."

    Now u know what to fix! #ProblemSolved

    • Remember... if you're not asking out girls, you're not "picking" anyone. You are letting girls (who are EXTREMELY passive when interested in a guy), pick you.

      Take the power back, and go pick out girls and get your flirt and date on! ;-)

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