Guy too busy/fading after an awesome first date... experience, anyone? Am I overreacting?

I had the best first date last week, and I didn't want to part ways! (I was meeting my roommate for dinner afterwards...) We have so much in common, we were both shy and quite taken with the other,... it felt like we really clicked, and he was quick to ask me out again when he walked me out of the bar.

I suggested the weekend and he hesitated but agreed. He texted me later that night to ask how dinner was and then again later (I hadn't responded yet) to confirm he'd see me at the weekend. (I responded enthusiastically...) Welp, I didn't hear anything from him for two days, so I texted him Saturday morning asking how his weekend was going and he didn't respond until later that night to say "so sorry, this weekend is really busy!" Nothing about scheduling a date or anything... I responded the next morning to ask if he wanted to reschedule and I'm still waiting for a response.

I really liked this guy but poor communication is a major turn off for me. I'm pretty disappointed and ready to cut him loose. Am I overreacting?


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  • I don't agree with Jay. You obviously are showing interest, putting yourself out there to him and being proactive to show it, but your guy isn't reacting with the same enthusiasm. Which I agree with you, it should be a turn off. But unfortunately, you don't know what the situation is with him right now. The only way to really find out is with a second date. Arrange it, and I think by the end of that night a lot of things you are worrying about will come into focus.

    • Ahh thanks for your response... it's arranging the second date that's proving difficult hahah. Should I really make more of an effort? He's not responding...

    • I'm assuming the text he hasn't responded to yet went out this morning? If that's the case, give him a day to respond. Don't worry about a few hours of silence. I'm sure it's on his mind. If no response by tomorrow though, then I'd begin to wonder if that's on purpose. I always say silence in itself is a powerful response. At that point, if you really like the guy, and want to see him again, give him one last shot and straight out say you'd like to see him and ask when he's available to go out. His response to that text will tell you all you need to know about him and his feelings.

  • He may think you were disinterested and then lot interest himself. If you still want to see him again arrange a date.


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