How can I get my girlfriend to stop saying I'm embarrassed to be with her?

I don't date women I'm not attracted to or have strong feelings for and never will and I respect, love, and will accept having PDA in public a lot of the time. Still she will randomly ask if I'm embarrassed to be with her and say that I'm too good for her. Then I just hug her, kiss her, or Pat her ass no matters who is around to show I'm not embarrassed. At the bar last night we danced, she sat on my lap, and kept my hands on her the entire night to show I'm proud she's my girl but when I left to go out for a smoke with my guy friends she claimed I waa avoiding her.


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  • Sounds like she's overly needy and insecure. You sound kinda perfect. She should just be enjoying that.

    • Even today wenwere texting back and forth and i was doing a study guide forna test and zoned out lime 10 minutes and did check my phone. She texted me 3 times asking if I'm mad at her and its like a guilt trip she plays. I feel like if I'm willing to lightly smack her ass in public, kiss her or let her cuddle in my lap where everyone sees I'm doing enough to show I am proud to be her man but it still hurts seeing her say those things.

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    • I mean I knew the girl from HS and we are good childhood friends so it wasn't a threat and my girlfriend knew her too so it wasn't to test my girlfriend. I just kinda give her a smile and kinda reashure her she doesn't need to worry. It's been 2 years and I haven't cheated yet.

    • I have to find a guy like that. You sound so committed. It's refreshing.

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  • She's insecure. I know it's annoying, but that's just how some girls are. Give her a bracelet or something and tell her as long as she has that then you will always be with her and she's the only one for you. I don't know. I have friends like thing. Good luck!


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