What should I do?

so last week i met this girl through a dating app, after talking to her for a day, i brought her back to mine. then the following night brought her to bowling. She said both nights things went great. The nex few days she was busy but when i asked her to meet again 2 days later she said we needed to get to know each other better first. After that she just stop texting me. Should i bother text her again or just let it go?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Text her one more time and if she doesn't reply, you should let it go. Maybe she's just busy or maybe she's not interested.

    • I took your opinion and text her, she wrote back this time but a few days ago she kept replying to me but now after replying for 4 texts she has written for a day. Should i now not bother write to her again?

    • Hmm, maybe she's losing interest. Why don't you ask her if she still wants to hang out with you?

What Guys Said 1

  • Her logic confuses me. Isn't meeting up and doing things together a good way to get to know each other? You seemed to show more interest in getting to know her than she did, yet she... Whatever. That's weird. Did you have sex? I could understand if she meant that she needs to get to know you better before having sex again. Maybe she felt bad about it before because she hardly knew you? I don't really know the circumstances. But, it's not fair to you that she would just stop texting you like that. A decent person would at least give you a proper farewell if they wanted to move on.


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