Did I Blow My Chances By Fooling Around on the 1st date?

I met this guy at a party and we had an intense connection immediately. We have identical hobbies and interests (which for both of us is rare) and we talked and kissed a few times and exchanged numbers. I asked him what he wanted and his response was that he wants a relationship with a girl who also enjoys his hobbies and can also be a lover and friend.

Fast forward to the next night and we hang out again. He lives about 45 minutes away and we went out drinking with some of his friends. He was acting very affectionate and protective of me; holding my hand, kissing me a lot, giving me his jacket, etc. I wasn't drunk but I knew I couldn't drive back home safely so I asked if I could crash at his place. Making a long story short we ended up fooling around and doing everything except actual ***. He actually stopped and said he would prefer that we wait until a time after we had both been checked (since both of us have been with other people) and when we had had a date alone so it would be more intimate and special. I asked him again what he wanted from me and said if he wanted a hookup then we could just end things then and he said what he had said prior and that he loves that we both do the same things.

Well, now I'm having second thoughts and worrying that I blew it all. He was still affectionate afterwards and was constantly referring to future dates for us but I feel like he's just going to disappear now that he has what he wanted (or not?)

I guess only time will tell, but If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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